By re-engineering the position sensing circuit, Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a new profile sensor with an embedded computing function

Engis UK has introduced the EVG series of high precision vertical grinding machines for the production of ultra smooth surfaces

Laser Components is expanding its range of cost-effective positioning lasers by two compact modules

The MarSurf M 310 mobile surface measurement system from Mahr is now available with an integrated connection to MarWin Easy Roughness Mobile software

With an ultra-rapid capture time of just 90µs, it provides an optical resolution of 33:1 and various focus options

The beam shape of the metasuface based external cavity laser can be fully controlled to project a complex hologram, such as the Harvard shield. (Image: Christina Spägele/Harvard SEAS)

Harvard researchers have developed a metasurface that can effectively tune the properties of laser light without the need of additional optical components

Low-loss mirrors are a key technology for many different research fields. (Image: Yury Zap/

Researchers and industry partners have developed a low-loss mid-infrared mirror using a crystalline coating technology

4D Technology has added to its line of PhaseCam dynamic interferometers, supported by the release of 4Sight Focus acquisition and analysis software

Flame Detection for Hydrogen Engines

The L2200D1810-JH pyroelectric detector from LASER COMPONENTS was developed to make H2 flames, which are invisible to the human eye, visible. For this purpose, the component includes a newly developed filter combination for IR emissions at 2.95µm. This makes it possible to detect hot water molecules produced during the combustion of hydrogen. A built-in reference prevents false alarms.

Optical design has traditionally required large amounts of complex calculations to be performed. This can now be automated.

(Image: Zhang et al.)

Researchers have developed a program for outputting high-quality freeform optical systems that simply requires basic optical design knowledge

Image: NicoElNino/Shutterstock


A new single-photon avalanche diode system enables low-noise photon counting at superior speeds

CoreTechnologie has developed a tailored version of its 3D printing software specifically for the requirements of Photocentric 3D printing machines and processes