The gold ball used in size comparison with a one cent coin. (Image: Tobias Westphal/Arkitek Scientific)

Scientists have demonstrated gravitational coupling between two gold spheres of one millimetre radius, thereby entering the regime of sub-100-milligram sources of gravity

This image shows perovskite photovoltaics in the background with individual perovskite crystals shown as the colourful units. (Credit: CUBE3D Graphic)

Perovskite solar cell design delivers efficiencies to rival those made of silicon

Symetrie’s NanoPos is a miniature hexapod of 68mm height for positioning and adjustment of precision components in six degrees of freedom, with a 10nm resolution.

Some of the latest positioning solutions for photonics equipment on the market

Samsung’s microLED display, The Wall, has been demonstrated at shows such as CES but is not yet available commercially. (Image: Samsung)

Aledia brings making at least 24 million specialist wafers a year into sharp focus

Optoscribe has released the OptoCplrLT, a monolithic glass chip for low-loss coupling to silicon photonics (SiPh) grating couplers

Sitech supplies the new Picomaster-H range of high resolution, single-beam direct write lithography (SB-DWL) hologram and lens mastering systems from 4Pico Litho of The Netherlands

Synopsys has released version 9.1 of its LightTools illumination design software

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a new semiconductor failure analysis system called the Phemos-X C15765-01

Gamma Scientific has introduced its Vector line of display view angle testers

Optical Surfaces has released a new series of beam collimators designed for modulation transfer function (MTF) testing of optical systems

Hübner Photonics has introduced the Cobolt 05-iE, an all-integrated model of compact and powerful single frequency lasers

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