A rendering of the experimental setup used. Light is reflected down to the nanostructure of molybdenum disulfide (yellow and teal lattice) and PZT (blue and green). Wavelengths reflecting from the surface are captured by the top detector as transmitted wavelengths pass through the PZT to the bottom detector. (Image: Hong et al.)

Researchers could spur the development of smaller, more versatile optical filters that are especially adept at playing a trick of the light

Photon Lines now offers a new microscopic biomechanical force sensor system called SENSOCELL from Impetux, of Barcelona, Spain

Car manufacturing has been hit hard by Covid-19 but the need for vision on production lines has not diminished, as Greg Blackman finds out

The optical set-up of the new dual-comb spectrometer. (Image: David R. Carlson, NIST and the University of Colorado Boulder)

Matthew Dale speaks with the developers of the world’s first dual-comb spectrometer with an acquisition speed of 10 gigahertz

Photonic crystals are responsible for the iridescent colours of a butterfly's wings.

Researchers have devised a new way of generating thin 3D photonic crystals that show promise for miniaturising photonic integrated circuits

ProPhotonix has extended its range of Prodigii digital laser modules with five new wavelengths: 375nm, 405nm, 450nm, 905nm and 940nm

Many university laboratories using lasers have had to shut down temporarily following a visit from an HSE inspector

Matthew Dale learns how the safety knowledge of the laser community is not yet fully up to scratch

A small-sized silicon photonics chip that can be used for non-mechanical beam steering and scanning. (Credit: Yokohama National University).

Japanese researchers have employed a bespoke prism lens to reduce the size and cost of lidar technology

The 5-axis laser scanner is particularly suitable for the high-precision production of complex components in medical technology, microelectronics and the automotive industry

Aerotech has introduced a new hexapod for quality assurance applications

The Cobolt Rogue series of lasers are continuous-wave diode pumped lasers (DPL) and are multi-mode, high power complements to Cobolt's 05-01 series of single frequency lasers

Left: Birefringence image of a flat lens and intensity patterns of 488nm laser beam with different handedness circular polarisations focused and defocused by the same lens. Right: The same lens corrects short -5 D and long +5 D sightedness.

Researchers have developed a new technique for producing flat optics with ultra-low loss and high damage threshold