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At electronica 2022 in Munich, Instrument Systems is showcasing innovative light measurement solutions. The highlights will be the new spectroradiometer CAS 140D with high productivity in the infrared range, and the new LumiTop 4000 imaging colorimeter with a resolution of 12MP for testing μLED arrays in AFS applications. Booth B5.418
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From solid-state, arc lamp replacements to bright, stable laser Light Engines to assay-specific Scanners, Lumencor does more than simple LEDs.Thriving on technical lighting challenges, we show what’s possible when light is used to its fullest potential.

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Lumencor’s CELESTA Light Engine is a solid-state laser illuminator, designed to support numerous demanding fluorescence microscopy applications. ~1000 mW/color is produced at the distal end of an optical fiber or light guide. Customization available upon request.

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The WaveBench is a modular measuring system and successor of the well-accepted camera testing instrument Mark III-45-S, which has been proven and used in the rental and service sector for decades. The new system retains the simple functionality and operability of its analogue predecessor and expands the measurement possibilities, measurement accuracy as well as comparability of the test results.

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We roundup the latest products and solutions in the optical design software space

The next generation of single-mode VCSEL products offers lower power consumption, while maintaining high output performance

The UV Industrial lasers can deliver high performance in applications from UV curing to analytical

Edmund Optics makes thousands of precision aspheres each month using a state-of-the-art production suite.

SBIR’s reflective infrared target projectors are turn-key test systems for electro-optical (E-O) testing of FLIRs and other infrared imaging systems.

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We detail the commercial offerings from some of the main players in optical mirrors

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Shining a light on the latest products and solutions in the diode laser space

The non-browning glass used in Resolve Optics high-resolution radiation tolerant lenses withstands long-term exposure to radiation up to a dose of 100,000,000 rad without significant discoloration