17 January 2020

This webinar will dive into the technology behind laser-based functional surface texturing, with a focus on the EU-funded LAMpAS project

03 September 2019

*Available on demand* The Webinar will review all aspects of distributed sensing

02 July 2019

*Now available on demand* The EPIC Webinar on Hyperspectral Imaging will focus on the hyperspectral imaging hardware and its use in varying applications

11 April 2019

*Now available on demand* Dr Erik Novak, senior director of business development at 4D Technology, will discuss the different aspects that need to be considered when selecting a Large Aperture Interferometer.

03 April 2019

*Now available on demand* The purpose of the EPIC Webinar on Quantum technologies is to demonstrate how companies are developing products based on the demands of the quantum community, and to enable a debate on the needs of new photonics products for the quantum market