White Papers

04 October 2022

This white paper from Wavelength Electronics details how researchers from Bristol University developed a new ray tracing model, including many parameters not previously reported.

29 September 2022

Since their invention in 1960, lasers have become ever more widely deployed in scientific research, in medicine, in industrial materials processing, in telecommunications as well as in numerous consumer applications.

24 August 2022

In this white paper, Pro-Lite’s Robert Yeo explains how the integrating sphere came into existence, what it does, how it works, and how it is used to simplify what would otherwise be complex measurements in fields such as radiometry & photometry, in measuring the optical properties of materia

24 August 2022

The increase in applications for infrared (IR) optics has led to a wider demand for chalcogenides. But the manufacture and coating of this substrate is not without its challenges. This white paper details some of the options available and offers advice on how to source the right fabrication and coating partners.

20 July 2022

This white paper examines the leading lidar technologies and explains what issues automotive companies must take into consideration to build the vehicles of the future