White Papers

30 July 2020

We describe how machine vision inspection systems can help to improve quality while reducing costs.

29 July 2020

In order to keep up with the technology, LIDAR interference filters must be designed to maximize signal-to-noise ratios by reliably isolating the target LIDAR return signal. High performance LIDAR interference filters have greatly improved signal-to-noise ratios and reduced the need for multiple filtering techniques.

20 July 2020

This whitepaper will provide insight into the advances in virus research made possible by STED microscopy and give a hint to where the journey might go

30 June 2020

Values for Laser Induced Damage Thresholds (LIDTs) can vary. Inflated values give a rosy glow to the coater and a redder glow to the end user when their optics damage under seemingly safe conditions.

30 June 2020

Monitoring greenhouse gases directly from space is essential to improve the accuracy of climate change analysis. This whitepaper details the use of a LIDAR in space using a GHz frequency-comb for in-orbit calibration.