White Papers

20 January 2023

Discover how the small size and big performance of the Ocean ST microspectrometer can benefit absorbance measurement of whole blood and haemoglobin in medical diagnostics by reading this application note

Optimised metalens layout from MetaOptic Designer

16 January 2023

Find out how Synopsys is supporting metalens innovation with MetaOptic Designer, an unprecedented inverse design tool by downloading this White Paper.

12 January 2023

Download this White Paper from Wavelength Electronics to find out how a team of researchers realised error-free, free-space live video broadcasting using a room temperature QCL with a wavelength of 8.1µm.

15 December 2022

Read this White Paper to find out how newly developed manufacturing capabilities have enabled the production of better filters, allowing vendors of medical measurement tools to provide more compact, lower-cost instruments.

Hemispherical light transmission will be critical to drive agriculture yields

02 December 2022

Find out how a new, standardised measurement solution allows agriculture companies to simply assess a range a range of complex parameters and compare against others by reading this White Paper.