White Papers

13 March 2020

A successful lens design succeeds not only in the creation of a working model but also in manufacturing, assembly, testing, and implementation. Occasionally, a lens may appear to succeed in conception but fail in one of the subsequent phases of manufacturing, assembly, or testing.

25 February 2020

An introduction to the theory of polarised Raman spectroscopy and exploring the wealth of sample information that can be obtained using this technique.

28 January 2020

Researchers have developed a new method to better model human stroke which uses artery-targeted photothrombosis.

16 January 2020

Spectroelectrochemistry is an extremely valuable tool to study any mechanism that involves an electron transfer. By combining the best of both the electrochemistry and spectroscopy worlds, it allows researchers to probe a range of reactions and extract valuable 

15 January 2020

EOT’s Yb:CALGO is a very suitable material for high power, ultrashort pulse laser applications. Its outstanding properties comprise a high thermal conductivity and an inhomogeneously broadened Yb-emission band.