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Image: SwissOptic Metrology. Credit: Andreas Müller Fotografie Berlin

The company will acquire a 100 per cent stake in BG Medical Applications (Berliner Glas Medical), SwissOptic AG and Chinese company SwissOptic (Wuhan)

Ouster plans to establish Ouster Automotive, a new functional division of the company focused on driving mass-market adoption of digital lidar

Image: Universal Quantum

Gemma Church details Universal Quantum’s work building a million-qubit quantum computer and what’s needed from optics and lasers


Dr Valentin Gapontsev has been IPG’s chairman since the company’s founding and was its CEO until April 2021 (Image: IPG Photonics)

25 October 2021

Gapontsev, 82, founded IRE-Polyus, IPG’s predecessor, in 1990. He has been IPG’s chairman since the company’s founding and was its CEO until April 2021


Image: SwissOptic Metrology. Credit: Andreas Müller Fotografie Berlin

21 October 2021

The company will acquire a 100 per cent stake in BG Medical Applications (Berliner Glas Medical), SwissOptic AG and Chinese company SwissOptic (Wuhan)

The programme aims to inspire more than 3,500 local students aged 13-18 with first-hand experiences of engineering. (Image: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff)

15 October 2021

The programme aims to inspire more than 3,500 local students, providing first-hand experiences of engineering, and awarding financial support to pursue further education

A metasurface made of arsenic trisulfide nanowires (yellow) transmit an incoming near-infrared frequency (red) as well as its third harmonic ultraviolet frequency (violet), which would normally be absorbed by the material. Image: Duke University 

11 October 2021

Chalcogenide glasses could now find a home in applications such as underwater communications, environmental monitoring and biological imaging

Analysis & opinion

Analysis & opinion

Daniel Holder is a research associate for laser material processing at the University of Stuttgart's IFSW.

05 October 2021

Daniel Holder, of the IFSW at the University of Stuttgart, shares how new USP laser technologies could facilitate the rapid micromachining of silicon wafers

02 September 2021

In Electro Optics’ most recent webinar, career flexibility and interdisciplinary skills were highlighted as important traits in the future workforce

02 September 2021

Carlos Lee talks to Maik Müller, chief executive officer at Nynomic, a holding company of nine photonics enterprises operating in the life science, clean tech and green tech sectors



FormFactor's fast photonic wafer probers enable rapid tests through faster photonic alignment than previously possible. (Credit: FormFactor Inc)

07 September 2021

Integration, automation, collaboration, customisation and designing for testing and manufacturability will help component and system makers lower costs and increase production, finds Andy Extance

Credit: THOR Biomedicine

07 September 2021

Several different light-based treatments that have relied on lasers are now finding uses for LEDs, finds Andy Extance

04 August 2021

Keely Portway considers the latest miniature spectrometers for consumer and healthcare devices


Gemma Church investigates how hyperspectral cameras are unlocking new research in the near-UV range

Gemma Church explains how a new Raman hyperspectral spectrograph unlocks a fast chemical analysis technique

For Ocean Insight 2020 Grant Program award winner Biko Biolabs, LLC (Cambridge, Mass., USA), spectral sensing is an important tool in the company’s efforts to remediate plastic waste through bulk electro-oxidation techniques.

Press releases

13 September 2021

Raptor Photonics was set up in September 2006 to design and manufacture high performance cameras for a range of markets including scientific, surveillance, aerospace and industrial.

27 May 2021

iXblue, a high-tech company in the fields of navigation, photonics and space, and maritime autonomy, announces the acquisition of Kylia (optical components and instruments) and Muquans (integrated quantum instruments).

16 April 2021

Diamond's cross polarizers' measurement method for polarization maintaining (PM) components recognized as an international IEC standard

White papers

Pro-Lite’s Robert Yeo reviews the science of integrating spheres and explains how they are used in reflectance spectroscopy.

Long wave infrared (LWIR) spectroscopy is of great interest to spectral geologists.

An ultraviolet (UV) hyperspectral camera was used to capture spectroscopic images, showing UV reflectance signatures that are not detectible with human vision.


Constraints in traditional manufacturing techniques have historically been a primary factor in the limited integration of freeform and aspheric mirrors into optical systems.

Interest in blue laser diodes has grown rapidly in recent years due to encouraging results in applications as diverse as advanced laser projection and material processing

In this webinar, Jeremy Lane, managing director for ProPhotonix, will explain how customised laser diodes can be the most cost-effective answer in meeting application needs


12 October 2021

The Yokogawa AQ6380 OSA offers high optical performance to allow engineers and scientists to develop and improve the speed, bandwidth and quality of the next generation of communication networks

12 October 2021

DNV-B14 expands the company’s range of advanced materials for emerging quantum technologies

12 October 2021

The system design with new bearing technology now enables the compact z-axis to be integrated into a laser machine in any mounting orientation

Tech Focus

Figure 1: Light propagation inside a photonic crystal is forbidden by a propagation gap, hence common plane waves are reflected and hardly penetrate into the crystal. By shaping the incident waves, they can be steered deep into the crystal. (Image: COPS, University of Twente) 

A team of researchers has achieved a new level of control over light entering photonic crystals

UpNano offers printing materials and accessories for additive manufacturing processes. (Image: UpNano)

Additive manufacturing firm, UpNano, has recently combined its multiphoton lithography-based 3D printing system, NanoOne, with Zemax’s OpticStudio

The beam shape of the metasuface based external cavity laser can be fully controlled to project a complex hologram, such as the Harvard shield. (Image: Christina Spägele/Harvard SEAS)

Harvard researchers have developed a metasurface that can effectively tune the properties of laser light without the need of additional optical components