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Mavospec Lite spectrophotometer

Gossen Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik has further expanded its high-quality range of light meters to include the inexpensive Mavospec Lite spectrophotometer.

Regardless of the lighting situation – from private residential or professional, right on up to industrial – compliance with specified values and standards, as well as consideration of quantitative and qualitative requirements, are decisive in terms of the achieved lighting effect and prerequisite for acceptance by the client. The control of these specifications from planning to commissioning ensures that the lighting is optimally performing its task and creating perfect light.

The Mavospec Lite checks the light at the push of a button and records all decisive parameters such as illuminance, correlated colour temperature, colour rendering indices according to CIE 13.3, colour coordinates according to various CEI standards and the spectral power distribution. Due to the simple operation and documentation of the results, light can be checked by every user, a corresponding report can be created in EXCEL and stored or sent as a PDF. This makes light measurement really easy.

Gossen Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik offers its customers competent consulting, durable measuring devices and reliable calibration - everything from a single source and made in Germany. The short lead times in the calibration and repair service ensure that the user can quickly measure again with absolute precision.



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