The FLIR GF346 is a new optical gas imaging camera from Flir Systems capable of finding carbon monoxide and a number of other invisible gases in even the smallest quantities


Flir EOC has introduces the MLR 4K laser rangefinder, a SWaP- optimised, military grade ER:glass solid state laser rangefinder.

Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging

FLIR Systems has introduced Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, a patent pending technology for the company's T450SC and 650SC series infrared cameras to aid identification of thermal breakdown problems

Thermal imaging camera helps improve hypersonic aerodynamic designs

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For the purpose of space exploration and aircraft technologies, researchers have explored travelling at hypersonic speeds, which entails attaining speeds over Mach 5, more than five times the speed of sound. This puts a huge strain on the aerodynamic and thermal designs of vessels and components. To test components and their capability to withstand airflows at such velocities, the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom have combined their hypersonic wind tunnel with a thermal imaging camera from FLIR Systems.

Thermal Imaging Helps Lessen the Environmental Impact of Landfill Site

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A new report from FLIR Systems describes how Norwegian waste treatment company - Lindum Ressurs og Gjenvinning AS has successfully implemented a FLIR GF320 gas camera to spot methane leaks, prevent uncontrolled gas venting and keep the air clean at and around its landfill sites. Using the FLIR camera as both a maintenance and safety tool - Lindum has made estimated savings of more than Euro 12,000 per year and has been able to reduce the foul odour nuisance considerably.

GF320 IR camera

The Flir GF320 is an IR camera for optical gas imaging that visualises and pinpoints leaks of VOCs, without the need to shut down the operation

Flir SC655

The Flir SC655 is a high-resolution uncooled thermal imaging camera designed to monitor the thermal efficiency of a development project


Available now from Flir Advanced Thermal Solutions the Flir GF320 is an optical gas imaging camera designed to help the oil and gas industry better control hydrocarbon emissions


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