Princeton Instruments

Fergie spectroscopy system

Princeton Instruments has launched the Fergie spectroscopy system, a fully integrated, aberration-free spectrograph with a built-in, low-noise, cooled detector


Princeton Instruments has drawn upon its decades of application expertise and close interactions with researchers around the world to create LightField scientific imaging and spectroscopy software

IsoPlane 160

Princeton Instruments has launched the IsoPlane 160 imaging spectrograph, which brings the company's IsoPlane SCT 320 to a smaller-footprint instrument


Princeton Instruments has launched its emICCD technology, available in its PI-MAX 4 camera platform


Princeton Instruments has announced the availability of a new microscope interface designed for exclusive use with the company's recently introduced aberration-free IsoPlane imaging spectrograph


Princeton Instruments has released its PIoNIR:640 camera that uses a deep-cooled indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) focal plane array

LightField 4.0

Princeton Instruments has introduced LightField 4.0, a 64-bit image and spectral acquisition software package that provides a cutting-edge user interface and the powerful functionality needed to set up and perform complex optical diagnostic experiments

PyLoN cameras for spectroscopy

Princeton Instruments has introduced its PyLoN series of controllerless, cryogenically-cooled CCD cameras designed for quantitative spectroscopy applications that demand the highest possible sensitivity


Princeton Instruments has introduced its LightField 64-bit data acquisition software platform for spectroscopy and imaging applications, combining control over cameras and spectrometers with experimental set-up, data acquisition and post-processing

PI-MAX 3 ICCD camera

Princeton Instruments has introduced the PI-MAX 3, an intensified CCD (ICCD) camera that meets researchers' requirements for sensitivity, speed, and control in time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy applications


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