New 375nm UV Laser Module

The new UV Photon laser offers a compact, reliable solution for UV curing, 3D Printing, and
particle analysis applications. With output powers up to 70mW and a range of optical and
electronic options, it is configurable to suit a wide range of applications.

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ProPhotonix launches new UV Laser modules

The UV Photon laser is a 375nm laser available in power levels up to 70mW and is well suited to UV curing applications that require fast curing from a very focused UV light

Key considerations for specifying high-performance laser modules

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A high-performance laser should deliver more than high output power. When optimized to your application, a high-performance laser module can ease integration, maximize results and deliver a competitive advantage for your business. This paper will discuss key considerations in ensuring a high-performance laser for your system.

This Whitepaper discusses:

Delivering high power laser modules
Ensuring high stability optical output
Digital control for monitoring performance
Application examples


With more than 20 years’ experience in developing OEM laser modules, ProPhotonix has developed unique expertise in laser diode technology. ProPhotonix leverages its expertise in laser diodes, as a distributor as well as an integrator, and is well positioned to design and manufacture the optimum laser module for each application.

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