Cobra Slim

StockerYale has made improvements to the modular design of the Cobra Slim range of illuminators

Lasiris Green PowerLine 532nm laser

StockerYale's Lasiris Green PowerLine 532nm laser offers a thermoelectric system and fan that maintain a constant laser diode temperature, resulting in a better wavelength, power and pointing stabilities.

Cobra Slim LED

StockerYale has released the Cobra Slim LED, which builds on the original Cobra and can now focus on the complete range of linescan illumination requirements including fluorescents and metal halide.

Lasiris Coldray Laser

StockerYale has released its ColdRay laser, which is a temperature-stabilised device with excellent wavelength, power and pointing stability, as well as a long lifetime.

Lasiris PureBeam in 405nm

StockerYale has released its PureBeam laser, which is a temperature-stabilised, fibre-coupled device intended for bioinstrumentation applications, including flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, bio-detection, DNA sequencing and more.

Flat-Top Generator

StockerYale's Flat-Top Generator is a laser beam shaping module that converts a Gaussian beam into a focused, collimated, or diverging flat-top profile.

Lasiris T-MFL Laser

StockerYale's Lasiris T-MFL produces long telecentric lines as thin as 9.0µm 1/e⊃2 at a specified working distance and is designed for applications where utmost accuracy and precision are required.

Lasiris PureBeam Laser

StockerYale's PureBeam laser is a temperature-stabilised, fibre-coupled device for a wide range of biomedical, medical, and industrial applications.


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