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Deployable scintillometer for ocean turbulence using superluminescent LED

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The latest whitepaper from Wavelength Electronics reveals how a superluminescent light emitting diode (SLED) served as the scintillometer source for optical ocean turbulence characterisation in place of a commonly used laser diode. Wavelength Electronics' LDTC1020 laser diode and temperature controller provided the stable current and temperature required in the portable design.

Tumor Diagnosis with New Fluorescent Hypoxia Biosensor

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Wavelength Electronics’ LFI3751 temperature controller provided the precision to support a new biosensor developed in Spain and based on the oxygen-dependent degradation domain of HIF-1α. The biosensor provides critical information about the size and location of in vivo tumors, as well as their micro-environment. The LFI maintained the narrow linewidth and stable wavelength necessary for fluorescence spectroscopy with integration times of 0.5 seconds and measurement increments of 1nm.


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