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Artery Targeted Photothrombosis to Better Model Human Stroke and Forelimb Impairment

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Researchers have developed a new method to better model human stroke which uses artery-targeted photothrombosis. This shows a clear improvement on traditional methods by creating a larger penumbra for a longer amount of time while maintaining the practical results of the traditional model.

Laser Diodes in Optofluidics and Microfluidics

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Microchips are extremely useful when studying sample sizes less than a milliliter in volume. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgia Institute of Technology both used microchips in conjunction with infrared diode lasers to conduct experiments on small-scale environments. The absorption spectrum of water dictated the wavelength choices made by the researchers. On one hand, negligible heating of the water (via absorption) was desired, so the wavelength was chosen away from an absorption peak of water.


The LDMount from Wavelength Electronics is a laser diode mount with integrated heat sinking and simple connections between the drivers and the diode laser

Wavelength Electronics, Inc.

Wavelength Electronics designs and manufactures robust laser diode drivers and temperature controllers for OEM and research. Our ultrastable, high precision components are used widely in a variety of optical applications.

TC10 and TC5

The TC10 (10A, 15V) and TC5 (5A, 15V) are ultra-stable digital controllers for thermoelectrics and resistive heaters where tight temperature stability is required


The low-noise QCL OEM driver from Wavelength Electronics has enabled countless applications with its patented circuitry

QCL LAB family

Electronic noise from Quantum Cascade Laser drivers has long limited the detection threshold of chemical sensors

PLD12500 laser diode driver

Wavelength Electronics has launched the PLD12500, a 12.5A laser diode driver featuring a smaller package, higher performance and improved heat dissipation


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