2nd Joensuu Conference on Coherence and Random Polarisation

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12 June 2018 to 15 June 2018
Joensuu, Finland

The present conference, Trends in Electromagnetic Coherence, is the second in the series of Joensuu Conferences on Coherence and Random Polarisation, devoted to the electromagnetic aspects of random light. The first part, Electromagnetic Optics with Random Light, was arranged in 2014 in Joensuu. The roots of the event however go farther. The series can be viewed as a successor of the ICO Topical Meeting on Polarization Optics (Polvijärvi, 2003) and Koli Workshop on Partial Electromagnetic Coherence and Polarization (Koli, 2009), that both were organized in the Joensuu area.

The main purpose of the conference is to gather again the leading scientists around the world to present their newest results on the broad topic of partial electromagnetic coherence and polarization of light. In addition to the scientifically appealing program, we expect to have lively discussions on the conference topics during the social programs.

Oral presentations are by invitation and contributed papers are accepted as posters. Only a limited number of submissions can be accepted as the conference hall is limited to 80 participants.

University of Eastern Finland