Webcast: Mid-IR technologies for chemical sensing

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16 February 2018
2pm GMT / 3pm CET Online

Industrial processes, environmental monitoring and clinical diagnosis require from new miniaturized detection tools able to carry out an unattended and fast analysis. These requirements are fulfilled by Mid-Infrared (MIR) technologies, the next generation of chemical sensors that can be integrated into existing equipment to obtain real-time analysis of an on-going process. This webinar will present the working principles, applications and the existing capabilities to develop MIR chemical sensors in Europe.


  • MIR technologies for chemical sensing: working principles and applications
  • MID-IR Laser sources for sensing
  • Photonics Integrated Circuits for MID-IR Sensing
  • High reliability MID-IR detectors


  • Adam Piotrowski, President of VIGO Systems
  • Ana González, Project Leader at EPIC & Dissemination Manager MIRPHAB
  • Fabio Pavanell, Researcher in the INTEC department of UGent/IMEC

The webinar is organized by MIRPHAB, the Pilot Line for the fabrication of Mid-Infrared chemical sensors, a single access point to the best technology, facilities and expertise provided by a consortium of leading companies in the field of photonics. MIRPHAB is an open technology platform with special focus on SMEs, providing services for device design and fabrication from chip processing on wafer level to packaging and testing as well as training services to customers. For more information please visit www.mirphab.eu and follow us @MIRPHAB_EU

Electro Optics, MIRPHAB Pilot Line