Aculight develops infrared neural simulator

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Aculight has signed a licence agreement with Vanderbilt University for fundamental intellectual property that will form the foundation of Aculight’s first medical research product, the Capella R-1850 infrared neural stimulator (INS).

Neuroscientists use nerve stimulation to answer fundamental questions about the function of the nervous system, and to research diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s. It is also used in clinical applications ranging from nerve monitoring during surgical resection, to the treatment of chronic conditions such as pain and depression management and the reduction of Parkinson’s tremors.

The Capella R-1850 is a fibre-coupled laser that generates reliable, pulsed, mid-infrared light from a compact, user-friendly package. Unlike electrical stimulators, the Capella R- 1850 is non-contact, avoiding any cell damage that may result from physical contact with a metal electrode. It is hoped the be the first in a series of clinical devices produced by Aculight.