Alba Science invests in in vitro analyser for sunscreen testing

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Edinburgh-based Alba Science has invested in a Labsphere UV-2000S sunscreen analyser from Pro-Lite for in vitro testing of its sun care products. The analyser allows the Contract Research Organisation to offer measurements which are fully compliant with the EU guidelines, the Boots Star Rating System (2008 Revision) and the proposed FDA method.

Over the last few years, there have been some important changes to the standards that apply to the testing of sun care products. Sun protection products have long protected against sunlight-induced erythema with the level of performance indicated by the sun protection factor (SPF). Since the SPF is influenced primarily by UVB wavelengths, it is no longer considered a sufficient indicator of a sunscreen product's protection against UVA exposure (COLIPA guidelines, June 2009). Consequently, many sunscreens will need to be tested to comply with the new regulations.

Alba Science's new range of sun care product testing services adhere to the COLIPA guideline method for the in vitro determination of UVA protection. Alba's photobiology team has considerable expertise and experience in sun care product testing and this is reinforced by the purchase of the Labsphere UV 2000S sunscreen analyser and an Atlas CPS+ solar simulator. These items of equipment allow Alba Science to conduct methods of sun care product testing which yield highly reliable and repeatable results, offering high levels of assurance for its clients.