Anti-missile fibre laser successfully tested on Boeing 707

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A fibre laser designed to stop heat seeking shoulder launched missiles has been successfully tested onboard a Boeing 707 aircraft.

The fibre laser is part of Elbit Systems’ Commercial Multi-Spectral Infrared Countermeasure (C-MUSIC) system. The C-MUSIC product and its fibre laser was fitted to the Boeing 707 and tested over a series of flights. C-MUSIC is described as a directed infrared counter measure (DIRCM) system that is designed for the protection of civil and VIP large jets.

The missile’s heat seeking sensor is looking for the aircraft’s engine’s heat signatures. The DIRCM laser blinds the heat seeking sensor that the missile uses so it can’t find the aircraft before its fuel runs out.

Elbit Systems is an international defence electronics company. The company claims C-MUSIC is the first in the world to provide a complete protection solution against heat seeking missiles for commercial aircraft. Offered on the international market, the company claims that there is interest from potential customers operating commercial, VIP and military aircraft.

The system has been selected by the Israeli government for the protection of its entire commercial airlines fleet.