BFi Optilas signs distribution agreement with Silicon Sensor International

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European distributor BFi Optilas (Evry, France) has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Silicon Sensor International (Berlin, Germany), a supplier of photodetectors and customised silicon PINs, avalanche photodiodes, position sensors and optoelectronic modules for use in medical, industrial, military/aerospace, security and automotive markets.

With complete vertical integration, the company can provide products for many light sending applications, and offers custom packaging and spectral enhancements from the UV to NIR. Some of the key features of the company's products are low dark current, minimum series resistance, lowest capacitance, long carrier life time, low cross-talk, fast response, minimum reflection, and functionality across the UV-blue-NIR-1064nm wavelength range.

The distribution agreement covers business in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.