Birds of a feather NEST together

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Coherent and SigmaTEK Systems have announced that they have entered into an agreement enabling Coherent to provide SigmaNEST CAD/CAM nesting software on its new META platform of laser cutting machines.

SigmaNEST provides software for nesting, NC programming and cutting of metal sheet materials. As a global company, SigmaNEST is a CAD/CAM nesting system provider for laser, plasma, waterjet, punch, oxyfuel, router, knife, tube/pipe and combination cutting machines.

SigmaNEST is for good material utilisation, machine motion optimisation, and maximum part quality, balanced with cutting speed, work flow integration, material handling, accurate estimates and information management.

'This relationship demonstrates an on-going commitment by Coherent to provide its growing customer base with the tools that deliver sustained and measurable levels of material savings and manufacturing productivity,' said SigmaTEK president and CEO, Ben TerreBlanche. 'This move aligns us with a rising player in the machine tool industry and further solidifies SigmaNEST as the world’s leading CAD/CAM nesting solution. While we are excited to be entrusted as Coherent's nesting solution provider, the true beneficiaries will be the growing list of Coherent users.'

'This agreement brings together SigmaTEK’s unique software expertise with Coherent laser machining technology to effectively minimise the software set up needed for our CAD-to-Cut solution initiative,' said Coherent laser machine tool general manager, Larry Dibattista. 'Coherent‘s commitment to the international laser cutting market is to provide multi-lingual laser cutting machines that drive increased productivity and enhanced efficiencies. Including SigmaNEST software further delivers on our efforts to provide the right customer solutions.'