Chinese security researchers use Ocean Optics detector

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Ocean Optics has supplied 10 QE65000 scientific grade spectrometers to the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, Shanghai. The spectrometers have been integrated into demo units of the AY01-01 Rapid Liquid Contraband Detector, which uses Raman spectrometry to detect a number of liquid and crystal contraband substances.

Currently deployed in various airport locations and border crossings with Vietnam, the QE65000 enables the AY01-01 to detect explosives, drugs, dangerous chemicals and other hazardous liquids or transparent crystals. The device is currently capable of differentiating among up to 200 different compounds, with the speed and accuracy of Raman spectroscopy. Its use is expected to expand beyond airports and borders to large public gatherings such as conferences and sporting events. Unlimited language options make it suited to global use.

When choosing a spectrometer for the AY01-01, performance, speed and accuracy were the Institute’s highest priorities. As it will be used by security and event personnel to screen thousands of people in a short period of time, it was critical that the device be very fast, simple, and convenient to operate with minimal training.

The highly-sensitive QE65000 modular spectrometer can achieve up to 90 per cent quantum efficiency (defined as how efficiently a photon is converted to a photoelectron) with high signal-to-noise and rapid signal processing speed. Its high-speed electronics have been designed for considerable flexibility in connecting to various modules and external interfaces through USB 2.0 (backwards compatible to USB 1.1) or RS-232 communications. It is a popular choice for Raman analysis and other low-light level applications such as fluorescence, DNA sequencing, thin film reflectivity and astronomy.