Cutting disc production kept precise with laser displacement sensors

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A manufacturer of carbide cutting tools for metalworking is using high precision laser displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon to measure the width and height of cutting discs.

Cutting discs for the metal working industry are among the most common wear parts. In modern production, turned parts are manufactured to sub-micrometre precision. In order to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool requested, precise positioning of the tool is necessary, including the cutting discs.

Carbide cutting tool specialist Ceratizit relies on a measurement system that uses the optoControl 2500 sensor during production control of the cutting discs. The measurement set-up was designed and developed by Benzing Feinwerktechnik. The vertically mounted optoControl 2500 sensor traverses along the measurement object supported by a pneumatic processing unit.

OptoControl measures the dimensions of a target or the position of an edge using the ‘shadow principle’. A CCD camera in the receiver section measures the ‘target’ contour formed by the shadow. The measurement system detects the width of highly sensitive cutting edges in order to offer reliable measurement results with respect to the distance and height of the cutting edge lines.

The design of the measurement system is both simple and cost effective. Furthermore, the system can be used as a mobile unit. Since the wear-free system works without touching the cutting disc, it has a minimal measurement time.

Micro-Epsilon’s optoControl 2500 is a non-contact, laser-based measurement sensor that uses an integral, high resolution CCD camera for dimensional measurements. The sensor offers a high sampling rate (2.3kHz), combined with excellent repeatability (<3µm) and resolution (<1µm).