Deposition technology shows diamonds are for ever

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Finnish coating technology specialist Picodeon has developed a technique for depositing diamond-like films onto a wide range of substrates using its patented ultra-short pulsed laser deposition (USPLD) technology.

The company says diamond-like coatings create super-hard surfaces with a low coefficient of friction and excellent coating adhesion. The USPLD deposition process uses a high laser pulse repetition rate and fan-shaped plasma bloom, which enables high production rates and makes feasible the industrial coating of large surfaces at film thicknesses down to nano-scale.

Applications for diamond-like coatings range from machine tooling components through to wear components for medical, optical and sensor applications.

'Any components that need to have the highest possible hardness or wear-resistance can achieve improved life-cycles, greater heat and pressure resistance and/or improved performance with diamond-like coatings,' said Picodeon chief executive officer Marko Mylläri. 'Our USPLD deposition process can deliver the exact surface defined by our customers’ engineers because of the high level of tuning enabled by our process.'

Picodeon says the USPLD technology delivers very high coating integrity without pinholes, giving improved reliability in applications where through-thickness defects may cause delamination of thin films and serious damage to components.