DPSS laser increases plasma display production

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LG Electronics is to use Powerlases’s diode-pumped solid-state Starlase A08 laser to increase its production of plasma display panels (PDPs).

The q-switched laser was designed for PDP manufacturing, and provides high powers for rapid material processing to replace existing industrial processes. The new lasers will be used for rapid laser patterning, a process that is slowly replacing wet-etch photolithography to create patterns on flat-panel screens.

The wet-etch technique involved six individual steps, and required very expensive equipment. The new technique directly patterns the surface, meaning less machinery is necessary and reducing to whole production to just two steps.

Tony King, CEO at Powerlase, said: 'Manufacturing PDPs in this manner is much more efficient and results in production costs being driven down.'

A spokesman for LG Electronics commented: 'Demand for high-quality PDP and flat-panel televisions has increased significantly in recent years, and these new laser systems will ensure we are able to meet consumer needs both now and in the future.'