Express rapid prototyping service

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Due to the growing demands of R&D, Laseroptik is to provide a rapid prototyping service, with delivery times as little as 24 hours for the production of optical components.

It is providing an e-beam PVD coating machine solely for the use of Laseroptik Express users. Three options are available: Laseroptik Express 24h, which provides coatings for substrates of standard designs; Laseroptik Express Safe, which has a delivery time of one to two weeks, for all types of coatings, even with customised designs, and for substrates in usual sizes; and Laseroptik Express Extra, a three-week service that will meet the demands of special laser optics including extra fused silica or N-BK7 substrates, which have to be manufactured specially.

Substrates can be provided by the customer, or selected from Laseroptik’s own stocks. In addition to the Express coating machine, 15 other machines with e-beam, sputtering- or ion- assisted PVD technology will also be available.