Fibre Photonics joins forces with J&M Analytik

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Scottish company Fibre Photonics and German company J&M Analytik have signed a commercial agreement. To complement its range of mid-infrared fibre optic immersion probes, Fibre Photonics will now offer the J&M Analytik range of UV/VIS/NIR fibre optic spectrometers and fibre probe technologies for chemical development and process analysis.

In the laboratory and online, the applications for optical spectroscopy in process analysis are extensive. For solids or liquids, blending monitoring, cleaning validation, drying processes or wet granulation, J&M Analytik instrumentation provides individual PAT solutions for many industries, including pharmaceuticals, inks and chemicals production. Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy can be used for on-line monitoring of blend processes, saving time and money by reducing cycle times and offline sampling errors. Using on-line UV-VIS spectroscopy for rinse monitoring can eliminate time consuming and costly off-line HPLC measurements.