Frankfurt Laser to represent Anteryon in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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Frankfurt Laser is now representing aspherical lens manufacturer Anteryon in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Anteryon's complete range of aspheric lenses will now be available via Frankfurt Laser, with advantages such as excellent performance, small and light design, and fewer components in an optical system.

Anteryon's hybrid micro optics are manufactured using cutting edge glass replication (UV casting) technology. A thin layer of liquid UV curable polymer is replicated on a glass surface. Glass replication technology is the most flexible and cost effective solution for correcting astigmatism or any other optical functions; practically any shape can be replicated on any optical surface.

Anteryon's aspheres are the ideal choice for collimating or focusing the light of a laser diode. Anteryon’s collimating and focusing lenses are diffraction limited and have low wave front aberration. The lenses are corrected for spherical aberration, coma, astigmatism and spherochromatism, even at high numerical apertures (NA).