Heart rate monitoring products turn to laser welding

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Polar, a manufacturer of heart rate training technology, is using laser welding technology on its plastic training computer components. Using technology from Cencorp, Polar employs a process where the laser beam is guided along the welding path by a high speed scanner. Laser welding improves the visual design of Polar products as the joint between the parts no longer needs to be hidden. It has also added flexibility and precision to the process as it easily enables changes to the weld width. 

Cencorp's laser welding process for plastics produces reliable joints and excellent repeatability, especially in applications that need to be waterproof. Monitoring of the welding process and quality assurance features can further enhance the high quality and reliability of laser welding and can extend to a variety of different product designs.

Cencorp manufactures standard and custom-built laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling and laser micromachining workstations for standalone and in-line production. The modular concept of Cencorp's workstations, combined with multiple laser options makes it easy to configure individual solutions based on a customer's specific needs.

Antti Huoviala, project leader of manufacturing technology at Polar, said: 'Use of laser welding in the assembly process has offered new design opportunities for us. It produces a clean, refined finish with a strong joint. We have learned to use laser welding technology and now the manufacturing process is repeatable and easily managed, which saves our resources. Unlike in ultrasonic welding, there is no need for us to subcontract special expertise. Instead, we are able to carry out any changes with in-house resources. This helps us achieve cost savings and enables us to accelerate the introduction of new products into the market.'