Imax to install laser projectors in 75 new Chinese cinemas

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Imax has agreed a deal with Wanda Cinema Line to build 150 new theatres in China, around half of which will be fitted with laser projectors.

The theatres will be built throughout China over six years, starting next year; the introduction of laser projection technology will commence at the end of 2018.

Asia’s first Imax laser projection system was opened in Dongguan Wanda Cinema South China Mall Shop on 9 January 2016. Those attending watched the 3D laser version of Star Wars: the Force Awakening.

Imax dual 4K laser projection system combines new optical engines and Imax patented technologies, which can screen 1:43:1 full map-sheet images.

The big advantage of laser projectors is their brightness, with the systems offering 60,000 lumens or more. In an article for Electro Optics, Goran Stojmenovik, product manager for laser projection at Barco, said: ‘The most important benefit of a laser projector is proving brighter pictures which contribute to the level of immersion and to the experience of cinema audiences.’

Laser projectors also offer higher definition, more detailed contrast ratio, and a wider colour gamut.

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