Introducing the next generation of energy efficient lighting

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A breakthrough in lighting technology is the subject of an awards submission to the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) 2008 Innovation Awards.

A UK-based company has developed high definition LED lighting, which it says ‘is a breakthrough in lighting technology with perfect colour rendition and extremely high energy efficiency’.

The technology produces white light with a perfect balance of all visible colours. It is extremely energy efficient and cost effective, making it an ideal light source for medical applications. Although high definition LED lighting was developed for surgical lights, it has widespread applicability. It produces far higher colour rendition than any other technology, uses a third of the energy and is substantially cheaper.

The technology is ready for market in its current form. Three product lines are now in production with orders from major hospitals. Licenses are under negotiation to develop lighting products for the film and broadcast industry and food freezer lighting.

IET chief executive, Robin McGill, said, ‘Around 20 per cent of all energy is used for lighting in developed economies. High definition LED lighting has the potential to reduce this by more than half. As well as the obvious social and environmental implications, there is the economic benefit.’