IPG appoints UK and Ireland distributor

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Elliot Scientific has signed an agreement to distribute IPG Photonics' low power (up to 20W) continuous wave (CW) and single frequency diode-pumped fibre lasers within the UK and Ireland.

IPG Photonics' advanced commercial/non-telecommunications fibre laser devices provide high quality diode-pumped solid-state reliability and performance for a broad range of applications.

Elliot Scientific offers three series of rare earth doped fibre lasers that are more efficient, more cost effective, and more than just a 'like for like' replacement of lamp or diode pumped crystal lasers. The range comprises:

Ytterbium doped fibre lasers - Light output ranges from 1,062 to 1,075nm and these lasers provide a highly compact and mobile light source for a number of scientific and medical applications including optical tweezing. They are available as continuous wave, randomly or linearly polarised models with a standard sub-nm and single frequency, below 50kHz, linewidths.

Erbium fibre doped lasers - Operating between 1,535 and 1,600nm, which includes the important telecommunications C and L wavebands, these single frequency lasers are ideal choices for interferometry, coherent beam combining, free-space communication and sensing applications due to their less than 50kHz linewidth. Linear and randomly polarised options with a standard sub-nm linewidth are also available.

Thulium doped fibre lasers - With an output wavelength within 1,800 to 2,050nm, these standard linewidth lasers are ideal for the laboratory, medical and industrial communities who require a wavelength selectable diffraction limited beam, turnkey maintenance-free operation, single mode fibre delivery, compact size and air-cooled modular simplicity.