JETI appoints Pro-Lite as UK distributor

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German light measurement equipment company JETI has appointed Pro-Lite as UK distributor for is Specbos spectroradiometer products. The Specbos is a versatile, miniaturised spectroradiometer with the ability to measure both spectral radiance and spectral irradiance in one instrument - and the corresponding photometric quantities of luminance (cd/m2) and illuminance (lux). Specbos models provide for measurements in the 250-1000nm range, with specialist versions available for flash photometry and average LED intensity in accordance with CIE 127:2007. There are also Specbos models configured for measuring the reflected colour of materials.

Pro-Lite aims to offer a solution for measuring the colour and brightness of any kind of light source or lighting product and the Specbos instruments complement Pro-Lite's already broad range of products. Robert Yeo said: 'The stand-out features of the Specbos are its flexibility - the ability to convert from luminance to luminance in one device - as well as its ease of use as illustrated by the built-in red laser pointer device that makes it so much simpler to define the target surface for brightess measurements. The fact that the Specbos can be configused for flash photometry of emergency lights adds to its proposition.'