Klastech appoints Elliot Scientific as UK and Ireland distributor

Karpushko Laser Technologies (Klastech) has appointed Elliot Scientific as its UK and Ireland distributor. Klastech specialises in single frequency diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers with high second harmonic conversion efficiency due to double enhanced intra-cavity frequency
conversion (DENICAFC), a technique patented by laser scientist Fedor Karpushko.

This double enhanced laser technology provides a locked single frequency operation, typically less than 1MHz in line width, with no 'green noise', mode hops, or zero fundamental wavelength glow. DENICAFC and multi-point thermal management allows for high beam pointing stability, reduced power consumption, and is stable over temperature gradients.

A by-product of double enhanced laser technology is a coherence length in excess of 100m due to the single frequency, single longitudinal mode laser light, allowing Klastech to meet the requirements of a range of applications that cannot usually be met by typical diode-based
lasers. For example, bio-fluorescence, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, holography, interferometry, disc mastering, haematology, food sorting, spectroscopy and retinal imaging.

Elliot Scientific is offering a range of Klastech compact laser modules of various powers covering the key wavelengths of 266, 488, 532 and 1064nm, and will add new ones as they are released.

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