Laser Components appointed distributor for BWT Beijing, Axcel Photonics, and Sheaumann Laser

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Laser Components has been appointed distributor for three companies for the supply of high speed, high power laser diodes. BWT Beijing is an ISO9001 specialist manufacturer of fibre coupled high power laser diodes and detectors. Laser diode drivers and fibre arrays are also produced.

Axcel Photonics, located in the USA, is an expert in the development and manufacture of high power diode lasers. Products include single-mode 980nm pump lasers for telecom applications and multimode lasers for solid-state laser pumping, medical, imaging, and spectroscopy applications. The lasers are available as chips, chips on submount, and packaged modules. All products are RoHS compliant.

Sheaumann Laser specialises in the manufacture of high power single-emitter laser diode modules in wavelengths from 790nm to 1870nm, and has recently launched a range of 2.94µm lasers. Also located in the USA, their products include: MIR-Pac, a fibre-coupled or free space, 2.94µm 1W laser module; SheauPac, a single fibre output up to 9W in a package smaller than a £1 coin; SmartPac, a 25W source from a 105/125µm 0.12NA fibre with thermistor, photodiode, and optional TEC, in a compact 48 x 35mm package; and many more.