Laser interlock systems selected by St Andrews

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Photonic Solutions has revealed that the multi-disciplinary Biophotonics Suite in the Medical and Biological Sciences Building at the University of St Andrews has just been equipped with the company's LICS06 laser interlock controller systems. Five systems have been installed at the laser labs of the new facility, ensuring simple and safe operation for a variety of lasers for a variety of experiments, ranging from single cell transfection to Raman spectroscopy. The LICS06 is supplied in kit form and was easily and efficiently installed by the main contractor.

Dr David Stevenson of the University of St Andrews said: 'We needed a safe, effective and economical control system to ensure safe operating conditions for the laser labs. We chose the LICS06 to meet these needs. Installation and commissioning was efficient and straightforward. The system is now fully operational, helping to ensure the highest standards of laser safety are being met.'