McPherson delivers crystal ID system

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McPherson has signed a contract to provide a vacuum UV optical crystal characterisation system to the Institute of Physics and Academy of Science in the Czech Republic.

Under the contract, McPherson made and delivered a versatile vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer system for transmission, reflection, and emission measurements of diverse samples. The McPherson system works with vacuum from 120 to 930nm.

The Czech group, known as the Optical Crystals group and led by researcher Dr Martin Nikl, uses the McPherson spectrometer to measure and characterise the optical and luminescence properties of optical crystals, films and single crystals (alkali halides, microcrystalline precipitates.)

The McPherson instrument enables research efforts by allowing tunable, monochromatic vacuum ultraviolet wavelength sample excitation and subsequent emission measurements from the vacuum ultraviolet to the near infrared. The detection system is cooled and capable of five nanosecond time resolution in the time-resolved signal collection mode. To increase the potential scope of future work, the sample chamber is prepared, ready for future augmentation. Ports are provided to allow introduction of cryogenically cooled samples as well as Excimer laser and x-ray excitation sources.