NASA beams up short-pulsed LED-generated UV illumination systems

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Lightspeed Technologies has delivered four high intensity LED illumination systems to the Aerophysics Branch at NASA Ames Research Centre.

The Lightspeed Model HPLS-76 system will be used in illuminating pressure sensitive paint on wind tunnel models.  The HPLS-76 uses six high intensity LEDs providing analogue and digital control, and is easily synchronised with high-speed cameras or instrumentation. Optical attachments provide adjustable numerical aperture illuminating between 2 and 5 feet diameter at a 10 feet distance.


Lightspeed Technologies is currently in development of its LED illumination technology for uses in Schlieren and other imaging techniques.  The HPLS ‘Dragon Series’ product line is designed for continuous or high speed illumination in UV, VIS, and the IR, in such applications as microscope fluorescence imaging, photosynthesis research, wide field illumination, and optical metrology.