Newport snaps up another sales contract

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Research Electro Optics (REO) has named Newport as its exclusive global sales partner for its extensive range of helium-neon (HeNe) lasers.

This product line includes HeNe lasers with red, green, yellow, and infrared output as well as a single frequency, stabilised HeNe laser that operates at 633 nm. Under the terms of this agreement, which became effective on July 1, 2013, Newport will inventory all REO HeNe products and handle all sales and technical support for new customers through its global sales organisation.

'Newport Corporation is well established as the leading supplier of a broad spectrum of photonics products, and has an unrivaled global infrastructure for sales, service, local inventory and support,' reports Ed Yousse, vice-president of sales & marketing at REO.

'Partnering with them will result in shorter delivery times to customers throughout the world, as well as enhanced technical and after-sales support. Simply stated, we’ve always strived to build the best HeNe lasers on the market and now we are backing them up with a world-class sales and support organisation. We look forward to working with Newport and the benefits that this will bring to HeNe customers worldwide.'