Ocean Thin Films to award up to 10 grants for multispectral research

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Ocean Thin Films is to award up to 10 grants for multispectral imaging applications that would use the SpectroCam platform.

Calling for grant proposals, Ocean’s SpectroCam is an imaging system that integrates scientific-grade sensors with eight filters to produce multispectral images. The grant programme, called MSInnovation, is for research that breaks new ground with their applications and techniques. SpectroCam is available in three models,visible, ultraviolet and short wave infrared. These models can be used for biomedical, forensic, art conservation and authentication, archaeology, agricultural, industrial and surveillance applications.

Researchers from accredited academic institutions or relevant private industries may apply for the grant. Submissions will be evaluated by Ocean Thin Films employees based on the following criteria, feasibility; innovation in the scientific field; commercial potential; creative application of multispectral imaging and alignment with Ocean Thin Films goals. International applications are also encouraged.