Phihong and Oree partnership in planar LEDs

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Phihong Technologies of Taiwan, a high-volume manufacturer of a wide range of electronic assemblies including drivers for LED lighting, and Oree Illumination Solutions in Israel, which develops LED-based planar lighting technology, have signed a global partnership agreement to market Oree's LightCell technology and Phihong’s LED driver technology as a complete plug-and-play system for lighting designers and manufacturers.

Phihong will sell and support Oree's LightCell products to customers around the world, with an initial focus on Asia. Oree’s LightCell is a thin, flat and uniform solid-state lighting (SSL) source with an illuminated surface available in various sizes. Oree will offer its customers Phihong’s dedicated matching drivers, which feature a dual-channel driving current approach.

Oree’s product is designed for decorative and functional lighting applications in offices, shops and hospitality areas. Planar lighting delivers uniformly-lit, diffuse surfaces of light in a highly-efficient way. It is ideal for applications and projects in environments where there is a lack of physical depth or space for lighting fixtures, and where uniformity and thin form factor are an advantage.