Photonic Component named US distributor of nanoplus laser parts

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The Photonic Component Group, a division of Power Technology, will serve as the sole US distributor of nanoplus laser components, including quantum cascade (QCL), distributed feedback (DFB), DFB-QCL, superluminescence (SLD), and Fabry Perot laser diodes. 

The nanoplus single mode DFB diodes offer a wavelength range from 760nm to 2.8µm and power levels of 2 to 50mW. Applications that benefit from this technology include those requiring light sources for tuneable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS).

The nanoplus QCL laser diodes offer a coherent light source at mid infrared wavelengths, from 5µm to 14µm and power levels of one to 100mW. These QCL lasers emit in the spectral region of the fundamental vibrational transition of many gases and therefore are a solution for such applications as spectroscopic applications as these lasers provide high detection sensitivity. 

The nanoplus DFB-QCL laser diodes are available in a wavelength range from 9 to 14µm and power output of one to 100mW. These devices are operated in pulsed mode (with typical pulse lengths around 100ns) at Peltier temperatures (-15°C) up to room temperature (25°C). Applications benefiting from this technology include sensing or spectroscopy that requires single-mode laser emission.

The nanoplus SLDs, with available wavelengths of 980nm to 2.3µm combine the broad spectral width of a light emitting diode with the high output power of a laser diode. With a relatively broad spectral width of the light emission (-10dB width >100nm) with low spectral ripples, SLDs are an ideal light source in fibre gyroscopes or within medical applications such as low coherence tomography.