PicoQuant's Young Investigator Award

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PicoQuant has announced the winner of its Young Investigator Award 2009, which was awarded at the Single Molecule Session during the SPIE Photonics West conference in  San Jose, January 2009.

This year, the large number of excellent talks made it impossible for the PicoQuant judges to pick a single winner. In the end it was necessary to increase the award amount to $1,125, and to split it evenly between Sigrun Henkenjohann (University of Bielefeld), Nathan P Wells (Los Alamos National Laboratories) and Jonas Fölling (MPI Göttingen).

A highlight of Single Molecule Session had been the keynote lecture by Professor Stefan Hell, presenting many new and exciting results, demonstrating, for example, the possibility of achieving optical far-field resolution down to 1nm.