Spectrometers aid semiconductor measurements

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McPherson has produced some high-resolution Raman spectrometers for WaferMasters.

Under the contract, McPherson assisted with design, fabricated and delivered very high resolution visible light spectrometers.

The very high-resolution spectrometers feature a 2m focal length. Large masterpiece reflective optics are used for spectral agility and wide-wavelength-range optical performance. Unique focal plane formation covers about 12" in wavelength space. Multiple detectors, even multiple focal plane array CCD detectors, can be mounted to simultaneously detect a variety of wavelengths. Spectral resolution of about 10 to 15 picometer full width half maximum is attained totally across the large focal plane.

WaferMasters uses the McPherson spectrometers for diverse measurements of processed semiconductor wafers and to more tightly control the characteristics of the Silicon end-product.

The unique high resolution micro Raman spectrometer enables non-destructive evaluation of processed wafers, giving information commonly only accessed through Transmission Electron Microscopy. The McPherson instrument enables this by allowing simultaneous, very high spectral resolution measurements. Future possibilities for related process controls include systems working deep in the ultraviolet.