Spectrum Detector supplies novel pyroelectric detector array

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Spectrum Detector has announced that it has successfully completed the design and development of its novel Pyro Array, and delivered the device to a customer at the University of Manchester. The company was selected by Dr John Young at the University of Manchester to develop a unique eight element pyroelectric detector array and electronics for use in a THz tomography project, pursued jointly with University of Leeds and University of Southampton, and funded by UK's engineering and physical sciences research council (EPSRC).

The first of several arrays has been completed and provided to Dr Young for test and evaluation. Spectrum Detector stated that its goal was to create a multi-element linear array with large, 3mm diameter elements, exhibiting high voltage output and low noise. The detector will be used with a novel fibre laser based THz source in the 0.5-2THz range. The research involves investigating THz absorption in the water bands of high-pressure flames.

Spectrum Detector products are distributed in the UK by Laser Lines.