Stent manufacturer improves production tolerances with femtosecond laser

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US medical device manufacturer, Palmaz Scientific, has developed a femtosecond laser system for fabricating implantable stents. The device uses the Spirit industrial femtosecond laser from Spectra-Physics and precision machining systems from Innovative Laser Technologies (ILT).

The machine is able to fabricate implantable stents with extremely fine and advanced surface nanotechnologies for exceptional biocompatibility.

Palmaz worked closely with ILT and Spectra-Physics to jointly develop a customised system to take advantage of Palmaz’s nanotechnologies. The new laser system has successfully demonstrated the capability of holding the precise tolerances necessary for these very fine structures.

The Spectra-Physics Spirit laser delivers femtosecond pulses with ideal beam characteristics and programmable repetition rates for optimal precision, cold micromachining with no heat-affected zone or collateral damage.