UK subcontractor invests in 4kW solid-state welding

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Carr's Welding Technologies claims to have been the first dedicated laser welding company to offer solid state welding of precision tools in the UK, and with the company's recent purchase of a Trumpf TruDisk 4002 laser, Carr's Welding has become the first subcontractor in the UK to offer 4kW solid state welding.

Based in Kettering the company's work falls into three basic categories: press tool and injection mould repair, volume production welding, and direct metal deposition. Having bought his first continuous wave Trumpf laser in 2005 to complement the six other established laser systems, managing director Phil Carr was immediately able to meet the high precision welding needs of his aerospace, medical and automotive customers. 'Continuous wave has quality written all over it, and it has certainly helped us attract more high quality customers,' he explained. Three years down the line and projects continue to be secured against this quality manufacture. 'There were several reasons for our buying the TruDisk 4002,' Carr continues. 'As well as backing up our original machine, it will also allow us to double the output of the night shift.' At present, one fibre from the machine is responsible for high volume component welding, while the other provides the laser power for powder cladding.