50mA current handling InGaAs photodiodes

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Discovery Semiconductors has released the 50mA and higher current handling, extending InGaAs photodiodes for burgeoning applications at 1.2 to 2.2 micron wavelengths. 

As high power fibre laser and frequency comb technology becomes readily available at 1550nm as well as 2050nm, these new photodiodes become a necessity to exploit their full potential.

The new photodiode is available in multiple formats: as a K or SMA coax fibre optic module, a surface mount fibre optic module and a convenient, bench top O/E instrument - Lab Buddy. Discovery is offering these modules with multimode fibre options up to a core size of 100 microns.

Applications include both coherent and direct detection for environmental sensing, biosensing, free space optical communications, wind lidar, frequency comb and fibre laser development.