85 BCF seres/85 YCF series

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Melles Griot has announced two new families of fibre-delivered, solid-state lasers to ease system assembly and provide more system architecture options — the 85 BCF series operating at 488nm (blue) and the 85 YCF series operating at 561nm (yellow).

These solid-state systems come complete with an integrated single-mode fibre delivery (standard or polarisation maintaining) terminated by either an FC/APC connector or a flange-mounted collimator. The fibre mounting mechanism is shock resistant and thermally robust. 

The beam output is both circular and non-astigmatic; consequently, these systems can be used as alternatives to gas lasers, particularly for imaging and cell sorting applications where beam waist location and repeatable energy profiles are important. 

This new laser format gives the OEM the flexibility to design more compact systems and provides more freedom of choice of system architecture. Fibre delivery gives the OEM the ability to mount to a bulkhead connector and allow the balance of the optical train to be aligned and registered to a known, pre-designated point. When the system needs service, the laser source can be replaced without having to realign the whole optical train. Both laser systems come with a turnkey power supply and RS-232 interface. OEM controller boards and custom optical delivery are available.