Chameleon OPO

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The new Chameleon OPO from Coherent enables gap-free tuning across the entire 680-1580nm range making it a suitable ultrafast source for deep tissue imaging in the critical long wavelength. This wavelength is optimum for exciting long wavelength fluorophores and minimising scatter, enabling thicker samples - including live tissue - to be imaged using MPE (multiphoton excitation) microscopy.

The Chameleon OPO uses innovative periodically poled crystal technology and is designed as a turnkey accessory that is compatible with any of Coherent’s suite of Chameleon Ultra tunable one-box ultrafast lasers. These lasers provide rapid tuning between 680 and 1080nm, which is now extended seamlessly to 1580nm.

The Chameleon family is the only series of ultrafast lasers designed from the ground up to maximise the potential of multiphoton microscopy, including CARS, and three-photon imaging. Chameleon lasers also feature high reliability and hands-free sealed operation, in part due to their use of the long-lived Verdi pump laser.