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Wasatch Photonics’ new OCT spectrometer, the Cobra-S, offers ultra-high speeds of 250,000 lines per second and an enhanced roll-off performance for deep sample penetration with high image clarity. The Cobra-S can be designed into near infrared OCT systems for research and OEM applications. 

As part of Wasatch Photonics’ Cobra spectrometer line, the Cobra-S is designed for a wide variety of spectral-domain OCT applications including ophthalmology, dermatology, angiography, oncology and industrial use.

At 250kHz, the Cobra-S provides line scan rates at least two to three times higher than standard spectrometer models. With the design providing improved roll-off performance, resulting in deeper imaging and higher image quality, the spectrometer offers increased accuracy with superior data. 

This spectrometer package includes available feature options for athermal opto-mechanics to maintain the performance level over a wide range of operating conditions. The compact and modular design was developed with research applications and OEM compatibility in mind. Cobra-S is available in multiple configurations to cover different wavelength regions for the utmost flexibility and function.