Code V 9.8

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The newest release of CODE V optical design software from Optical Research Associates (ORA) delivers features to improve both the modelling and optimisation of optical systems.


In particular, CODE V 9.8 builds on the success of the recently introduced diffraction-based image simulation feature by allowing macro access to the simulated image pixel data. A broad range of built-in macro functions for manipulating this data enables users to perform actions such as combining multiple images (for example, separate red, green and blue channels), adjusting gamma, or compensating for known detector characteristics. Users also can extract various parameters of the simulated image, including color and luminance values.


The optimisation capabilities of CODE V have also been extended to account for the effects of manufacturing tolerances, thus allowing the designer to create more tolerance-insensitive design forms. Specifically, a new macro function that accesses the program’s Fast Wavefront Differential Tolerancing capability (the TOR analysis feature) enables the designer to optimise for best fabricated performance, rather than simply best nominal performance.


CODE V 9.8 delivers all these features to a broader worldwide audience with additional language options. Key documentation is also now available in these languages.