Femto current amplifier with 400MHz bandwidth

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Laser Components has added the HCA-400M-5K-C model of current amplifier to its HCA series of fast current amplifiers from Femto.

This latest addition offers a bandwidth of DC to 400MHz for amplification of current signals with rise times down to 1ns.

The gain of 5 x 103 V/A allows sensitive measurements down to ca. 4µA. An integrated offset control allows the compensation of unwanted offset currents which might be superimposing the signal. Due to the real DC coupling accurate measurements of pulses and digital codes can be performed without unwanted signal over/undershoots and baseline drift which can occur with AC coupled amplifiers.

For use with external photodiodes an adjustable output voltage is provided which allows biasing the detector for higher speed and improved noise performance. The compact and well shielded metal housing allows use of the amplifier close to the signal source to prevent noise pickup and signal degradation due to long cables.