Flexpoint Mini laser diode module

The Flexpoint laser diode module, Mini series, from Laser Components, differentiates itself from other compact modules in both the equality of performance and versatility.

At only 8mm in diameter by 15mm in length and in contrast to many other similarly sized, invariably fixed focus, devices on the market, the Flexpoint Mini incorporates a variable lens that can be adjusted to focus or collimate the emitted laser beam.

There are four module options available. A choice of wavelength – either 635nm or 650nm and a choice of output power – either 1mW or 4.9mW in each case. Protection circuits cater for surge, voltage peak and reverse voltage situations.

Divergence is less than 1.5mrad and the beam diameter at the output is approx 2.5mm x 0.8mm (focusable). The module operates from a supply voltage of 4.5 – 6VDC.